Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome Baby S

We had the pleasure of photographing baby S twice for her newborn photos. The first time she was just a little camera shy....but the second time she loved all the attention and we captured some really special moments between her and her parents. Looking forward to seeing her again soon :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby T

We visited with Baby T at her house recently to capture her 4 month photos. What a beautiful little girl she has become :) Her dog Sammy joined us for a few photos as well as her Mom & Dad. She was so photogenic it was hard to narrow down a few samples to post here. We are definantly looking forward to her 8 month session :)

Baby N

Baby N came by the studio today for his 3 month portraits. He brought along his Mom & Dad for a few shots too. Poor little guy was just not feeling very well but tried his hardest to give us some adorable little faces. We hope he's feeling better soon and are looking forward to his 6 month portraits. Here's a couple samples.

Baby L

We are always so excited when baby L comes to visit us in the studio. This session was his Easter session and he was just as adorable as he always is. He has the cutest smile and the most adorable chubby cheeks. We can't wait to be there when he celebrates his first birthday next month. Here are a few of our favourites.

Baby I and her extended family

Baby I has been to visit us before and this time she came back bringing along her extended family for some portraits. How nice it was for us to meet her grandparents, uncles, aunts and have some more photos of her Mom & Dad. We've never had such a laid back cooperative baby in the studio. She was totally relaxed and seemed to enjoy every pose and shot. We are very much looking forward to her next session in a couple of months :) Here are a few samples.

Mr. E

Does it get any cuter then this little guy? Nope! What an adorable happy little boy. Baby E brought his Mom & Dad to the studio with him for some Easter and family portraits. He has such beautiful eyes and was such a little ham. We can't wait for his next session. Here are a couple samples.

Beautiful Baby E

Baby E was by the studio for her 4 month photos the other day. Wow has she ever grown. She had the cutest biggest smile we've seen in a long time. What a happy little girl she is. There are so many shots of her gorgeous grin that we had a hard time narrowing it down for posting. Here are just a couple.

Dashing Mr. D

OMG.....what an awesome little boy Mr. D was. I was so happy when his Mom brought him to the studio to visit with our Easter bunny Jack. Even the bunny was cooperative :) We are very much looking forward to his next visit with us. Here are a few samples.

Adorable Mr. C

Baby C came to visit us for some Easter portraits with his Mom & Dad. What an adorable little guy he is and oh so fun to photograph! He was such a little ham. We can't wait to see him at his next session. Here are a couple peeks from his session.

Bad, Bad Blogger!

Ok, so I have to admit that I am WAY behind in blogging our recent sessions. Things have been crazy around the studio for the last few weeks. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to post a few new things that have been happening.

First, our Easter sessions were a huge hit! I still have more sessions to post from those, but will definantly be offering similar sessions again next year. Our upcoming themes will be: Candyland, Painter's Paradise, Family Picnic and Gone Fishing. We will be featuring the Candyland theme first at the beginning of May. We of course will still be offering all our regular sessions as well.

Second, I have to take moment to let our viewers know that we now have to add our logo to all the photos that we post. We recently had someone 'borrow' one of our photos from the blog here and claim that she took the photo, how rude! And will notice our MBP logo on all future images posted here.

We would like to thank all our readers who follow our blog. Our one year anniversary is coming up fast and we will be offering a HUGE package as a way of saying thanks. If you know anyone who is expecting a baby have them contact us asap. We will be entering all the names into a draw for a FREE BELLIES TO BABIES PACKAGE. Please see our website for full details on that package.

And now.......back to posting session photos :)

Baby on the way

What a beautiful family Mrs. C, Mr K and soon to be two Mr. N were. They came to the studio today to capture some maternity portraits. Mr. N was just as cute as a button and of course his Mom & Dad looked fabulous as well. Here are just a couple of our favourites. We are wishing them a happy healthy baby in just a few short weeks :)